Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I was doing sooo good...

So, I worked out all last week and I absolutely love it!!! I find that I love the eliptical at 9 am while watching "The Price is Right" with closed captioning. I think the only way I can tolerate that show is in closed captioning! I found myself a few times on there like saying out that's too low!
I'm totally lame! But,'s serves it's purpose! I get my exercise and do some "fantasy" shopping!

Anyhow, I found my groove and really enjoy the routine and the way I feel. I went Monday this week and have been home bound since due to Raven's pink eye. If we are all well and clear of the gunk next week, I can't wait to get back!

Thanks for your support. It means so much to me!


Jan said...

You'll do it. Because now you want it a lot and you've found that not only is it fun (OK, well, sort of -- at least while there is something to watch!), but that you CAN do it.

And you can.

Jennifer said...

I am glad you found something that you enjoy and can have fun. I hope Raven's eye clears up. Every kid has to experience pink eye. Oh the joy! Keep it up! You can do it! I am proud of you!