Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleep Biking

I got next to no sleep last night. No, that's not what I'm gonna write about...I just wanted to build up the difficulty of my morning for you. I actually got a wonderful workout today. I rode on one of the gym's newer bikes. It was connected to a computer and I got to choose my scenery and compete against other people on my course. It was fantastic! My heart rate was excellent, the sweat was pouring, my legs were aching!

Before I knew it I had done almost 4 miles. I feel great...and really tired. I worked out anyway!!! This is truly is an achievement for me my friends! I've got Hawaii on the brain, especially since it looks like Fargo outside!


Jan said...

Yay! Keep Hawaii right up there in front - you're doing it!!

The Nelson Family said...

Carrie, now I need to get you out on a real bike. There is nothing like it. Come ride with me some time!! It is a blast. Way to go