Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladies in their 80's...

So, I decided to shake things up a bit at the gym. I bought a punch card to take the classes. Quick note...must vent. My tax dollars went toward the creation of above said gym. We pay a "member" price for a month pass...which is only $5 less than non-members (non-residents) AND we have to pay extra for the classes. I feel ripped off...but it's convenient to go there and works really well with my done!

I took a water aerobics class today. I DO really enjoy water aerobics as it is low on joint impact (my knees). However, this class wasn't for me. Or was it? The first day is kind of always awkward, new steps, etc. So I took it "easy" and found that it wasn't that great of a work out.

I felt kind of...well...REALLY out of place as I was the only one under the age of 80 in there. Is it weird that I wanted to take this class in the first place? lol...not sure on that one still. It wasn't the shallow "easy" class, either. Anyway, I think I might go back one more time to this specific class to give it my all and then gauge what I wanna do from there.

I really do want to take a WA class, just not sure how to fit the other classes into my schedule yet. I was really looking for a change today...GOT IT! Have a great weekend everybody!

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Jan said...

You know what? At least you went and checked it out. And I know you will continue to look till you find what you want -- hang in there!