Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Eight & Nine..

I just figured I'd combine days so not to be too detailed...I'm kinda annoying myself. And lately, I don't deserve any pats on the back. I didn't walk yesterday or today. I was really bad. I didn't have any kids this morning and could have done it with ease, but instead I was thinking of all the things I could do without the kids.

Tessa's asthma is flaring up so I'm not sure I'll be able to get outside tomorrow. Maybe I'll do "Walk Away the Pounds" video here at home b/c I can't get out tonight and probably not tomorrow either. I'll try. Thanks again for your encouragement.

I'll update in a couple of days.


Jennifer said...

Don't beat yourself up. That is how you stop walking. If all you do is "Walk Away the Pounds" once this week, it is still better than none at all. Hang in there. I know it is hard with kids and all that goes with it. Even if all you do is 10 min. it is a start, and better than not walking at all.

Staci said...

Diet and excerise is the key.. I am learning to only eat while sitting down at the table. Then I am not putting extra calories in my face just because, If I get the munchys I chew Gum,, just like Bob Harper said we should do on Biggest Loser last night. Also.. anything is better than nothing. If you have stairs, if you don't get a chance to walk do the stairs ten times.. It sounds dumb, but it can still be a good workout! If you are looking for a good workout video I love Turbo Jam.. you can get it online at Beachbody.com or maybe on e-bay for cheeper. There are several different videos and While Sterling was in Iraq I lost 35 lbs in 5 months and looked amazing. (Of course I have had a baby since then and gained it all back, but it does work)
The biggest thing.. don't obsess about your weight.. Nothing can be more depressing than trying to lose wight and it not coming off fast enough. It is all about how I feel, not what I weigh.
Sterling and I just started riding bikes in the morning, or he will run while I ride and it has been really great. Not only is it time with my husband, but I am also able to work out. We have a bike trailer and just drag the kids along with us. The options are really endless. Find what works for you. You wont be able to get to it every day, but soon you will find your days will go so much better when you do make the time!
Hang in there.. If you need more ideas or encouragement.. I would be glad to help you!

Jan said...

Just keep on keepin' on. I only got 2 days on the elliptical this week what with the new baby and all -- but you can do it and Jennifer is 100% right: anything is better than nothing.

Just try to do something, anything. And also just know that I KNOW you can do it -- and you will!

Love you, Carrie.