Friday, May 20, 2011


Sorry I'm late. Went to the nutritionist on Tuesday. Still maintained at 215. My measurement in my waist, however is down 1 1/2 inches. I'm pleased with that. I have been put on "blind weigh-ins" from now on. I was told to have Nathan hide the scale and when I do my weigh-ins from now on, I won't know what the scale says. Erica (the nutritionist) says this will help me stay positive and feel my successes.

I really need to embrace the positive in this. It IS a little over an inch off my waist (which I DO desperately need), but I would have loved to see the numbers go down. I'm also adjusting my diet to calorie counting. I asked her which she thought was more successful, carbs or calories. So counting I am.

Hoping in the next month to see (or feel, rather) some change. On a positive note...I ran my first fit fun run w/ Raven this morning. Her school does this once a year. Nathan ran the 1 mile w/ Tessa (they were the very first ones across the finish line, btw) and I ran the 2 mile w/ Raven. It was a blast. I must have a death wish or something, I'm also running a 5K tomorrow morning! EEK! ;)

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Jennifer said...

Love the picture! I love that y'all ran with your girls. So fun! You blow me away with your running. Way to go. Good luck tomorrow in your 5K!

1 1/2 inches off your waist is a big deal. Definitely better than gaining an inch or two on the waist. Sorry that the scale just won't budge. I bet it will soon. Let me know how you like the blind weigh ins.

Keep it up! I am proud of you!!!!!