Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Another one bites the dust! Down another pound, officially 216. I'm SO pleased w/ that this week especially b/c I totally pigged out on cheese enchiladas, these and these too. It was a great weekend, I just need to learn to "embrace that healthy lifestyle". So NOT doing that yet. Why does this have to be so hard sometimes?


Jennifer said...

I am such an idiot! Totally not thinking, by suggesting cheese enchiladas and chocolate. I will blame it on the car full of teens, and all the noise that was associated with them. he he he I really do support you on this journey. I am glad to hear that you at least still lost a pound. Thanks again for taking care of my girl.

I think the important thing is that you are on the path to change your habits, instead of giving up because of a bad weekend. You will get where you want to be.

Ame said...

Way to go girl! I TOTALLY get the pigging out thing then the remorse and the "why can't I just embrace a healthy lifestyle" thing. For me, maybe by setting such a high expectation of "embracing the healthy lifestyle" is too much for me, and instead I need to say that for TODAY I will do A,B, and C to take care of my health... A good friend told me that big expectations = little serenity, and on the flip side, little expectations = big serenity. I wonder if that might help me today... Anyway, I'm proud of you for setting yourself and holding yourself so accountable. I think that's an awesome step toward being part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up girl! :)