Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Excited!

I've been working out at the local Rec. Center and have some goals! I have a work out buddy (Candace) and we plan to go together. I realized I really need that. I also know that if I make an appointment for Tessa to go to the Nursery there, I also feel SUPER accountable to make our reservations.

Mind tricks, I know...but it's working. It's just part of the routine. Baby steps, right?


Jan said...

I think that for many of us, just having a partner/friend to go with us helps a lot.

See? I told you you could do it! And you are!

Jennifer said...

I am excited for you! It is always more fun to have a friend to go with us. When you don't feel like working out one day then the other person will give you the push you need to get out the door. I am excited that Candace gets to go with you. Ya'll will have so much fun! Female bonding! You can do it!