Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Runnin' on empty....

Ok, so I've been running like a chicken with my head cut off. I've been so busy and when I have down time, I don't wanna exercise. I think I'm gonna break until the New Year. We are way busy with holiday prep and then we go outta town. I'm just going to take a breather and then come back more motivated than ever after eating all the Holiday Goodies.

I will try to squeeze something in every now and then to not make myself feel too guilty. Thanks for all of the support, but I do feel undeserving.


Jennifer said...

It is hard to get started. It is harder to start when you are staring the holiday season in the face. Even if all you do is take the stairs, or park a little farther away, it is something small that fits in to what you are already doing. I look forward to your posts in January!

Jan said...

You're not undeserving. You're being realistic right now. And there really are things you can do just like Jennifer suggested -- just park far away from the mall and walk, take the stairs somewhere instead of elevator/escalator, etc. And you'll do great when you really pick up in January 'cause you'll be focused and motivated.

And you can make a point of eating light over the holidays too. Easier said than done - -but it can be done and it's a good practice anyhow.