Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My first 5k

All red faced and sweaty. I'm no graceful runner!

Part of the Murray City 5k crowd running down State Street. Not sure how many were in the race, but it was a good one!

Goal achieved. I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately. It's been crazy and honestly, this just hasn't been a priority. I failed to run most of the month of June, which resulted in a LOT of huffing & puffing to be in this race. However, I didn't want to DIE afterward, which tells me that the training I did do, certainly paid off.

My biggest fears (of being the last runner or quitting) didn't happen...THANKFULLY! So what if the Wasatch Walking club and an elderly couple beat me? I finished. I finished in under 45 minutes, which is what I thought I could at best hit after my failed training last month. My time was 43. I walked in the middle, which was disappointing, but I think I just started off harder than normal. It's really hard to not get too into it, when everyone else is!

My sweet sis in law, Monica ran with me. I made sure to tell her that she only needed to start out with me. She did awesome (coming in at around 30 min) and was there to encourage me across the finish line. I did run at least the last 1/2 mile to mile, which is the only way to go, in my opinion.

It's amazing the mind games you play. I saw the finish line and SO just wanted to walk. How silly is that? I pushed myself and am ready to set a new goal to train for. (another 5k) Until I can do it at a great time and w/o walking...there is no need to push for a longer goal yet! Thanks for reading and encouraging me everyone! I did it!


Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you! I think it is great that you finished in under 45 minutes. I think it is really great that you hung in there and didn't back out because you didn't run most of June. That would have been the easy thing to do. I think you are becoming a stronger person for sure. Way to go! Glad Monica was there to cheer you on. I thought about you and hoped all went well.

Candace said...

You are awesome Carrie!I'm so glad that you were able to do accomplish a goal! I'm glad that Monica was able to do it with you.